Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Se podría decir que los Four Slicks gozan ya de cierto nombre entre los asistentes a la pasada edición del Funtastic Drácula Carnival en Benidorm; su actuación, parece ser, no paso desapercibida. Llamados por algunos los Devil Dogs franceses, su amor por estos y otras bandas de punk rock al que ya bien podríamos etiquetar como clásico tales como Lazy Cowgirls, Nine Pound Hammer o New Bomb Turks no pasa desapercibido. A esto se le une una desmedida pasión por la carretera y los hot-rods que se desprende desde la misma elección de su nombre que hace referencia a las llantas "slick”, este tipo de llantas están totalmente pulidas permitiendo el contacto total del caucho con la carretera y por lo tanto la aceleración máxima y si hablamos de aceleración estos chicos saben de que va la cosa. Jon Von, guitarrista de estos cuatro llantas pulidas y ex -componente de los Rip-Offs y Mr. T Experience nos cuenta como surgió la idea de hacer un tour por los EEUU:

I’m from San Francisco, but I moved to Paris, France 10 years ago. I play guitar in the Four Slicks, a garage-punk-rockabilly band, with three French guys (Pat, Charlie and Mark). We're all crazy about rock n roll, cars (customs, hot rods, etc.), and have greasy hair. One day on band tour in France, in Charlie's 1959 Simca Ariane sedan, we were talking about how it would be great for someone in the band to have a car better adapted for touring. (Mark’s 1950 Ford, my 1967 Peugeot, Pat’s 1965 Buick and Charlie’s 1956 Dodge don’t qualify.) It would have to be an American car, late 50’s or early 60’s. Economical, reliable, but with a decent amount of power and space to haul musical equipment. I said, “That would have to be a Ford Falcon wagon with a V-8.”
Starting at that moment, I cooked up a crazy plan, a
nd then made it work:
1. buy a car in California
2. fix it up

3. go on vacation with it in California with my wife Eve

4. leave it in the driveway of my friends RJ & Leesa in LA and go home to Paris

5. return to LA with the band

6. go on band tour from Califo
rnia to New York
7. put the car on a boat to France

8. keep it in Paris as my personal car and for band use

I am proud to say that it all happened. The 1963 Falcon Deluxe 4-door wagon is now registered in France and rolls on a weekly basis. (Nobody in their right mind drives daily in Paris.) I met the guys at the Los Angeles airport with the Falcon. Mark painted "NY or Bust" on the car, and we got on the road for two days straight, with an obligatory stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats. During the tour, we had only one major problem: the generator caught fire and we lost most of a day in Sacramento California fixing it. Otherwise, we went 8,500 kilometers in just over 2 weeks. Out plan is to take the Falcon to Spain for the upcoming tour. In June, I started changing several parts in the engine to prepare it for the tour, but due to some problems I encountered, I am not sure that I can get the motor running in time! My friends and I will be working hard in September to try to get it fixed and back on the road.

- In Bonneville LP, Slick Records, 2008

- 4 New Wild Tunes, 7" Rapid Pulse Records, 2006

- 17 New Wild Tunes, CD, Slick Records, 2006

- Bye Bye Bye, 7" Savage Records, 2005

- The Four Slicks, 7" Slick Records, 2004

Escuchalos y bájatelos!!!


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